Dashboard of The Month - June '21 Edition

The Dundas Community was looking for some dashboard inspiration and we got some! A big shout out to @luis.silva and @semir.taletovic for sharing their work with us this month.

DASHBOARD #1 by @luis.silva

click on the image for a zoomed view

What was the problem statement for designing this dashboard?
I needed a dashboard that would show the budget execution for a Portuguese Local Government.

Describe the dashboard
The dashboard has small multiples on the top side, that is repeated for every “Organic Classification” of the expense budget. It also shows on the bottom, the overall execution of the expense budget aggregated according to three types of expenses (Specific for Local Government): Investment, Activities and Operation Expenses. Finally, on the right corner, it shows the overall execution of the revenue. The dashboard has a filter layer that you can activate by clicking the funnel image on the top right corner. In this layer, you can select different metrics and also select the “Organic Classifications” that you want to see.

DASHBOARD #2 by @semir.taletovic

click on the image for a zoomed view

What was the problem statement for designing this dashboard?
Measuring patient population

Describe the dashboard
Measuring patient population (census) in our facilities on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis and showing corresponding parallel period trends.

Tell us and them in the comments below how do these dashboards inspire you.

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I liked in Dashboard #1 the part where it shows that activities + investment = major planning options. I think it is an interesting ways to show the relationship between different KPIs and I am thinking now how I could apply this on some of my dashboards.

Hey @marina.zistler.1! Yes, I also like the design idea of DASHBOARD #1 but be careful though, it can be misleading by the first glance at the side by side percentages, the bases of the percentages are different. Also different legends are using the same colors that may also cause confusion.

Yes. nice design idea of Dashboard #1 but I agree with Emma Yang two different legends with the same colors that may cause a little bit of confusion.

I’m a big fan of a one stop shop when possible. Makes it so much easier to compare and contrast and not have to search for data. there’s a lot to see here but it’s still fairly easy to consume the data

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