Dashboard for non-Dundas licensed users

Can someone please clarify something for me regarding authentication? We have a dashboard that we want to show to users external to our company through our website. I thought that the viewer integration sample would solve this issue and I got the .net application running but then it occurred to me that if more than one user was viewing the page, it would probably give a licensing error.

I’ve also read the article on anonymous authentication but we don’t want our entire site to be anonymous, we just want to expose certain information to external users.

Is this possible and can anyone clarify how?


Hi Kelly,

Are you testing with a named user or a concurrent one? From what you are describing, i would guess that you’ve tried to use a named user and it’s failing as other people are attempting to login. It’s probably a good idea if you get in touch with your account manager to ensure that you are properly setup for your needs.

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Hi Kelly

Just to add to Jeff’s reply.

We do something similar to what you are doing. I use JavaScript instead of .NET but it’s the same principal of anyone visiting the website being logged in as a particular Dundas user. This means that it’s not anonymous for all dashboards, just that our website visitors are logged in to one particular dashboard behind the scenes, but they don’t see any of that, just the dashboard.

We use concurrent users for this. If you have 10 concurrent users on your license for example, you can have up to 10 people logged in to the system at the same time. All 10 people could be using the same account without kicking each other off. A named user, on the other hand, can only be used by one person, and anyone else logging in with that user will knock out the first person.

Hope that helps you


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Thank you to Jeff and David. That made it much more clear to me. I will check with our account manager to verify our concurrent users situation. Thanks again, I really appreciate the feedback and the knowledge that you are doing something similar.

Quick question does Floating = Concurrent?

. . Quick answer, yes

I know someone who recently did a video on the topic of named vs concurrent licenses.


In hindsight, this person should have mentioned that floating in another term for concurrent but it wasn’t considered.


Great video - I like the carpark analogy,

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Jeff how well do you know this person that did the video?

Can’t you use the anon logon if it’s general use page? Point that to where you want & then pop that somewhere on your website. I remember early on in our development we put that up & sent around to our internal teams to review & give feedback.

@danny.theriault Yes, you can use the anon login, but there is only one of them. If you want different anon users to have different access / permissions or any other differences, you need to log in as a specific user.

Thanks for the video, that also cleared things up. Yes, concurrent = floating would have been nice to know before.