Creating Metric Set Directly from a Structured Data Warehouse (Backend process)

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I am going to use a structured data warehouse with predefined measures and dimensions as my data connector, to make metric sets and dashboards directly with data from the data warehouse. It will therefore not be necessary for me to create data cubes, since the data is already prepared and ready for analysis from the data warehouse.

My question:

I am wondering if any of you know how Dundas saves the data when you are only creating metric sets by using data directly from the data warehouse? I am only going to make metric sets and dashboards (not cubes).

Will Dundas only save the metadata in the app database? Or will it be saved in memory? Will the data content be saved? How does this backend process work?

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There is maybe a misunderstanding. A cube is not an entity that saves data somewhere. That only happens when you warehouse it. If the cube is not warehoused, it is basically just a query on your database.

So, if you want to directly access the data from your own warehouse, you can create a standard cube without warehousing and your data will be queried from your own warehouse. That by the way is the same thing that happens when you just create a metric set on your data. Dundas then creates a non-warehoused cube “underneath” your metric set.

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

Does this mean that the non-warehoused cube “underneath” my metric set will store the data content in the dundas database (postgres) or just the metadata?



Just the metadata I suppose.

Note: I am not a Dundas developer, so that is just my experience using it. There may be some differences to how it really works.

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I will send an e-mail to support as well. Thanks for the help :wink: