Creating a list with a color bar to the left

I am trying to replicate these 2 sheets from a Tableau dashboard. When the user selects someone, their top 5 strengths are displayed as follows:

They can then click on the labels to show the video.

I am unable to figure out how to replicate the top 5 strengths chart. In Tableau, it is a Gantt chart with the strengths (to the left of the bar) as rows and the descriptions (to the right of the bar) as labels. (The URLs for the videos that display below are added as a detail). I got something similar looking with a sankey diagram, but I can’t flip it horizontally:

Is there another visualization type that would work better? Thanks!

Are the colours specific to anything? e.g. when would it be red or blue.

Why can’t you just use a table for this? The text would come in to the columns which you can determine the order, and the url could be clickable.
If the colours are static then that could be a border, if it’s dynamic then you can use a state indicator column.

Yes, they’re specific to the category the strength falls under (there are 4 domains and 34 strengths that each belong to 1 of the 4).

I can play with the state indicator idea and see if that works! To be clear, the domains are already in the data and included in the tooltip, so my preference would be to not manually set them for 34 strengths.

To get the result Lindsey was after and replicate that top left section of her screenshot, we created a horizontal bar graph. The axis labels are the names shown (in this case, the name of a Strength). The bar is a constant of 1, and I made the axis a custom maximum of 100 (played around with different maximums until the bars were the width I wanted). The descriptions to the right are data point labels. I applied domains to the “color” option on visualtization.
Check out the end result!!

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