country flags

I display a column with the name of a country, I want to display near the flag of the country
What’s the right way to do it?

In a table?
Is it dynamic?

You might want to investigate a data image, or image columns in a table.

If you mean that the column name should be the flag not the country, you can set the column header background as an image (if you have each country as a separate measure/column)


It is not necessary to investigate only displaying a picture by state name
I thought about doing that with state
There is a more effective way?

How is your table set up? Is it one column per country?

There can be more than one row per country
Attached is an example of how I want it to showCountry

So you can use an image column in the table. You can add a column to the table, and set the type to ‘image’. You then need to set the image path.
This means that each row in your data will need to have a url to an image based on that country. You can then tell Dundas to either pull that URL as it is, or you can use placeholders where the url is always the same but the country name changes based on a column in the data.

An alternative to using an image column is to use a text column, but create an html link either in your data or in the row custom text using a placeholder, and then check the ‘Allow HTML from data’ checkbox. This may give you more flexibility in displaying the images should you need it.

You will need to put all the images on an online hosting platform or server, or you can upload them to Dundas and then use their ID in your data.

I know this is old, but I’m having a similar issue.
I want to render a Font Awesome icons (simple tag with a class) based on a state, within a table.

@david.glickman you’re solution doesn’t seem to work, because I can’t enter a “custom text” AND toggle the Allow HTML From Data.
They are mutually exclusive.

Any ideas?

I don’t know your exact use case, but I do remember some of the details of this.
Why don’t you save your font awesome icons as a png and use that?

I could do that, but that’s silly (long-term)… I may resort to that, though, so I appreciate the suggestion.

I was hoping Dundas had added away to allow HTML in a table cell. :slight_smile: