Correspondence analysis

Can Dundas BI do Correspondence analysis?

Has anyone done it?


Hi David. I can’t speak from experience, but there are packages in R and Python designed to perform these calculations, and it can then be output for visualizing in a scatter plot, etc.

Thanks Jamie - I suspect I will have to go down that route.

I’ve never used a data cube python transform, nor bridge parameters before. It will be a learning experience for me, so anyone with experience who can give me some pointers is more than welcome to chip in!

Also depends on what your Dundas server is running. If it’s Windows, only one person can use R at a time. Python doesn’t matter.

The Windows version of Rserve works in cooperative mode only, which means that only one connection at a time is allowed and all subsequent connections share the same namespace. For example, using both the R Data Generator transform and the R Language Analysis transform in the same data cube will result in an error because of this limitation.

Hi Christopher

Yes, we gave up on R a long time ago - the server kept falling over and not restarting. Definitely going down the Python route.

Seems that Dundas only support Python 3.6 and not the latest 3.7,

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We also had a lot of issues with the windows version of R. We were able to keep things more stable by using the Linux version but i’m also a big fan of Python as an alternative too.