Contextual measure as data input

Hello everybody,

I’m actually working on a visualization that allow customers to insert into a table some data (very classic budgeting tool excel like).

Now i need to understand if it is possible to use that contextual measure as data generator to fill a data input module into selected cube.
I’ve already saw all the example doing it using parameters, but i’m wondering about massivelly load data on button’s click after the user’s contextual measure input.

If someone has some script or already faced this kind of issue please let me know.

Thank you !!!

Can’t speak for contextual members, but formula parameter placeholders could help out here.

The placeholder gives you a way of altering the formula from a filter (a filter you perhaps have connected to your input cube), so to speak. Just one possibility to consider, though.

Hi Daniele,

In this case, you can also consider using the Data Input. There is an interaction in the UI that you can set to insert data to a data input transform cube. You can then join this cube to your actual cube to get the column entered by the user. -
I hope this helps.