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Hello folks! I am Tejas, the newest custodian of The Dundas Community they affectionately call “The Cube”, and here’s my story. (Heads up: you may want to brace yourself for a generous dose of millennial lingo)

I am a Software Engineer by education, a Marketer by trade and a Storyteller at heart (you might want to add another core to process that) . I started my career as a software developer with an American Healthcare IT company and kept at it for 3 years. Towards the end of the third year, I went on a road trip to the mountains in India with my wolfpack and came back to pursue a career in creative writing. (What a cliché, right?)

After freelancing with a women’s magazine, writing travel articles for them (and then some beauty tips) , I landed a job in Advertising where I was writing ad copies and creating digital amplification strategies for some of the coolest consumer brands. Almost two and half years into that, I had OD-ed on consumer insights and was craving to be on the other side of the table - deciphering those insights from the data (Pretty sure the engineer in me was feeling a lot of FOMO) . So, I pursued a Diploma in Data Science and Machine Learning from the University of Chicago.

Post that I got into the world of Marketing working for a pizza chain where I did some Market Basket Analyses in the night and use the resulting insights to craft new offers and products in the day. Fast forward another 2 years and 19 pounds of body fat (no points for guessing who redeemed most of those offers) I land myself at Dundas to look after their beautiful community.

Why Dundas? It’s like homecoming for me - I was born in tech, remember? Also, here’s where I join all the dots of my professional experience (a conversation for another time) . But in all honesty, I am here to simply hangout with you, get to know you, chart some fun stuff together and have mind-bending conversations around BI and analytics.

If you’ve read this far (quite a story, huh?) , hats off to you. I feared I might have caused a major #StackOverflow!

On the fun side, when I am not working, you can find me in the kitchen trying out a new one-pot meal recipe or on the couch editing my next postcard-worthy shot for my Insta handle (more on that later) . I like to entertain myself by getting hooked to crime-thrillers, IMDb top 50 movie re-runs and experimental music. Oh, and I can love a good podcast too!

That’s all (for now). Tell me more about you! (Let’s get the party started in the comments below and watch out for some fun activities too as I jump right into “The Cube”)



Nice to meet you Tejas!

This community is a great resource for learning and inspiration, and I try to visit at least daily to catch up

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Welcome aboard Tejas Shah

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Nice to meet you Tejas!

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Welcome aboard Tejas!
Excited to see what you have planned.

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Welcome on board Tejas, I just hope you haven’t planned to promote the use of pineapple pizzas in the Dashboards… :upside_down_face:

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Nice to meet you Tejas…!!

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Nice to meet you too, Ole! Looking forward to learning from you all and giving you more reasons to engage with The Community. My DMs are always open. Feel free to reach out if you have ideas or suggestions.

Thanks, Nathan! Appreciate the warm welcome. :smiley:

Nice to meet you too, Liam! How’s it going?

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I appreciate you, David! My DMs are always open. Feel free to drop in ideas and suggestions. I’m always fishing for inspiration to create engaging activities.

Haha, I’ll leave that to the community to decide. :wink: Thanks for warm welcome, Olivier!

Hey Jatin! How’s it going?

Hello Tejas!

Welcome to the Cube, an awesome community of BI lovers and particularly #DundasBI.

Well, about me:
I’m a tech guy, I love gadgets and tech things and the math behind the things (an Engineer thing, I guess:)). Unfortunately, it has been impossible to play some golf, a sport that I’ve learned to enjoy very much! It relaxes me!

I was a pleasure to meet you, see you on the cube.

Stay safe!

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The pleasure is mine, Luis! I’ve always wanted to learn to play golf. Maybe sometime this summer if the pandemic dials down to an extent where they can open the courses.

Until then let’s have some fun with charts. See you in the Cube.

Nice to meet you @tejas.shah!

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Welcome! Looking forward to seeing some fun activities you have planned!

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Nice to meet you too, Costin!

Thank you, Michelle! If you have suggestions, feel free to drop me a DM.