Connecting filters across projects - showing gibberish

I’m connecting date filters across projects and find that, while the filter is working on the “target” project, it shows gibberish:


I’m using a navigation action on the menu button to go from the first project to the next, and have mapped the date filter parameters between the two:


Anyone have an idea of what may be causing the issue? I get the same results in either direction. If I set the date filter on the second project and then navigate to the first, the dates are filtered as expected but the date filter displays the nonsense numbers rather than the date.

Are they both using the same hierarchy?

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Hi Thomas,

I looked at this, and probably David is right that these are different time hierarchies or they have different unique names, which would be even easier to happen if the target dashboard is in a different project. It think it’s also true that the issue is only how to show the date like usual instead of this member unique name.

It looks though like the target dashboard’s time dimension would be able to make sense of whatever the incoming member is if you check the option “Show Default Time Hierarchy” on the filter. (If you need to, you can change the project’s default time dimension to another one.) I would guess that you probably should not need to do this and I will ask about that.


You are both on the right track - Dundas support did a screen share with me. All we had to do to fix it was to click the “Show Default Time Hierarchy” button for each of the date filters.