Connect Dundas BI to ArcSight MySQL DB

We are trying to connect Dundas BI to ArcSight MySQL DB.

ArcSight has published direct integration methods with the MySQL database for collecting the logs. For accomplishing this, Dundas BI l should be able to connect to MySQL database using SSH tunneling. Can you let me know if Dundas can accomplish this type of connectivity. (log in using an SSH credential first and then log in to the database locally in the server). If possible, we can conduct a quick test as this will resolve most of our issues. or do you beleive in such case that we have to do any configuration to allow the remote connection to mysql so we can bypass the need to do the SSH login.

At present, Dundas BI does not have any functionality which can create SSH tunnel. But you can consider using third party software for this such as autossh, which will establish/maintain connection and can be used seamlessly by Dundas BI to make connection with data sources.

Hello Ankita,
Do you believe that we can use the Python transform to retrieve the data from MySQL DB, I am not expert in python but I found some links describes how to get data from MySQL through SSH tunneling .

Here is one of them

Appreciate your help in this regard.

Hi Mohammad,

This idea of using Python to SSH tunnel is certainly an interested idea. I asked around a bit and it seems that we have not tested this specific python library as we have our own native connection for MySQL. I’d recommend giving it at try as there should not be any reason why this wouldn’t work.

Hello Jeff,
Ankita spoke about using third party solution like autossh, could you please share with me the steps needed to connect to mysql through ssh tunneling using such third party solution.


Hi Mohammad,
Consider this example: SSH server can get connected to both, Dundas BI server and Mysql server, so create connection between Dundas BI server and SSH server and between Mysql server and SSH server.

All this is independent of Dundas BI, but you can create a Mysql data connector in Dundas BI that points to localhost using the port which connects Dundas BI server and SSH server. This connection will be relayed to MySql via a port connecting MySql server and SSH. So as long as SSH tunnel is maintained, the connection to MySql will work via tunnel.

You can find more information about it here

You can use autossh or any other third party software to create SSH connection. I hope this helps you !

Hello Ankita & Jeff,
I would like to thank you both for supporting me on this case, I have finished the connection to MYSQL through SSH tunneling.

I have used third party tool called persistentssh , very nice tool and straightforward and the good thing that it can be installed on a windows machine so I actually install it on same Dundas BI application server , the configuration is very easy and as per the discussion I just map mysql connector in Dundas BI to localhost and the tool will take the rest to tunnel the connection to MySQL db on the remote server.


Glad to hear you got this working!