Configuration of a Maintenance Banner

Does anyone know how to configure a maintenance banner for the site? I want to update to the latest version but would like to have a notice appear for users. Interested to hear how others handle this.

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Interesting idea.

We always have a dev and prod version. So when we update to a new version we do similar whereby we create the new version and do our testing on it. Once we’re happy we just switch the clients over and it doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Hi Christopher,

Very interesting. In the past, I created a what’s new page for an internal site that we have so that you can see a list of all dashboards and when they have been updated.


I also created a small dashboard that can be dropped onto other dashboards that act as a link to the page. This was done just by dropping a dashboard into another dashboard or using a container and styling the display to fit. This widget dashboard can show a state indicator if there was an update made in the last X days - or something along those lines.

The above ‘what’s new’ will only appear if you have dashboards that you haven’t viewed since your last login to this page.

There are probably lots of ways to approach something like this and I’m happy to share ideas with you if you want to try something like this.

Thanks Jeff. I definitely would like to learn more about this. Maybe there is a way to tweak it so we can have the state change when there are announcements or something like that.

Wouldn’t solve a maintenance banner on login (or something like that), but could serve as an alternative, and give us another way to communicate news.

What’s the best way to learn more on this?

My approach is a bit complex, i’ll get in touch with you via email on the details.