Concatenate first and last name columns

How can I concatenate columns into one? I want to concatenate First_name with Last_name to create a new column Full_name. Thank you.

You can do this with a calculated element in the data cube.

Set it as a string type, and then just do
return $First_name$ + " " + $Last_name$;

I forgot to mention that I am set up as a Power User and do not have access to alter the data cube. I have tried return $First_name$ + " " + $Last_name$; in the Metrics formula but it returns blanks. Is there a way to concatenate as a power user? Thank you for your prompt response.

The metrics formula will only allow you to return a number, and not text.

I don’t know if you can manipulate strings if you’re not able to access the cube. Hopefully someone else can help you on that.

I don’t know why you need to concatenate them, but if you can’t manipulate the column, perhaps you could add both separately to your visualisation and then hide one and concatenate both within the label text.

I could try your suggestion. Thank you.

Hi Reinaldo,

You can also, directly in the Dashboard, use a Custom Text for one of the two columns and remove the other. from the visualization.
In the Dashboard select the Metric Set properties, then click on the column you want to do the concatenation in, then click on “Text” , in the “Rows” section go in Custom Text and add the value you want to concatenate after the other (in that case “[FirstName] [LastName]”, with a blank space in between the two).

I hope that helps.

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That did the trick. Thank you.