Color matching stacked bar charts

Is it possible to match the colors in a stacked bar chart? See image below. Each set of bars represent the planned and actual hours that our employees have worked on their various projects. In the image, if you look at the second set of bars, there are red arrows pointing to the stacked bars that make up the total. The 296 number is the actual hours an employee has spent on their project and 1058 is the planned hours for the project. Beneath that, 395 and 580 are the actual and planned hours for another project. I would like the colors of the stacked bars to match for each project in the whole visualization but I am having difficulty. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Brandon,

I’m not exactly sure how your data is setup. But I believe you could drag Project onto the color portion of each visualization series and that should color things the way you want. Similar to the snip below?


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This worked. Thank you!