Click Event on a Cell to change layer with specific filters


I have a table which shows general monitoring data of tasks like success, fail and work in progress.
What I want to do is: if a user clicks on a cell the layer changes to a detailed view with a preset of filters like date and the status of the tasks. Attached you see the layout of the table.

Can you give me a hint to start?

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Hi Alexander,

If you already have these two layers, you can do this with two interactions set up on the table: a filter interaction plus a change layer interaction, both available from the toolbar under Set Up Interactions. The filter interaction would be like filtering another visualization displayed alongside the original at the same time, but adding a change layer interaction means it can be hidden until the monitoring table is clicked.

If you are using multiple clicked values as filters, you would add a parameter mapping for each of them when setting up the filter interaction. The “Target” for each parameter mapping is a view parameter connected to one of the hierarchies in the metric set(s) showing the detailed view, to filter it to the clicked value. You may want to add & name view parameters for each of these hierarchies/values in the Parameters window first and then set them in the parameter mappings, otherwise view parameters will be generated for you and you can go to the Parameters window afterward and ensure they are each connected to the right hierarchy in the detail metric set.

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