Changing which video/url is displayed best on interaction in other metric set on dashbaord

I have a dashboard that looks like this:

I want the section that currently says “The source URL is invalid” (which is currently just a web browser component) to display the YouTube video that is related to the strength a user clicks on (top left portion of dashbaord). Is this possible? I have the URL for each video as part of my dataset.

After playing with HTML label, I can get a video to embed there…so maybe the question I should be asking is “How do I make HTML label text dynamic based on interactions with the dashboard”?

I have URLs in the data for this value: image

In theory, I could also put the entire value of this embed in the data set as well.


We have done this multiple times before with a script that changes the labelText property of an HTML label, upon a filter change / button click / data update etc.
We have also done this by changing the src property of of a browser component too.