Changing Data Source of Report

I have a question about changing data sources on the fly. With a dashboard I can go to the data analysis panel when I have a visualization selected. From there I can click on edit full screen, and then in the metric set editor change the data source in data tools.

When I look at a visualization in the report creator, I cannot seem to find a way to change the underlying data source. Is this something that is possible?

Hi Patrick,

Right now we don’t have any option to change the data source of report on the fly. The only option with a report would be to promote the metric set, then just edit the promoted metric set itself and re-wire.

Please let me know if you have questions

Thank you for the explanation Denil, just so I understand the context of the last part, re-wire would be delete the old metric set, take the newly promoted metric set, and re-insert it into the report you have created. Does this sound correct?

Hi Patrick,

Yes you can do that, if you promoted the metric set then that will be associated to the report. In that case if you make any changes in that metric set, it will be reflected in the report.