Change object name in the data cube

We have created a data cube and build reports on it using SQL server tables. Would like to know , whether it is easy to change the table name from A to B in the data cube without impacting any reports. Table structure of A and B are same … only name change is required.
Case 1 : report.TableA change to report.TableB
Case 2: report.TableA change to report2.TableA
Case 3: report.TableA change to report2.TableB

Lastly we have build a report using sql server stored procedure. We had a extra letter in the name of the stored procedure. If I change the stored procedure name , whether it will require lot of efforts to change it?

We are new to Dundas and was told that we cannot change object name in Dundas which looks little weird for me. In all BI tools, changing the name is very simple.

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Hi Suraj,

You can certainly change the table names, just make sure you update the data cubes after you make the changes in the data. Dundas BI has ‘re-wire’ capabilities which will help you with this re-mapping.

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