Change measures based on static filter selected

Hi team , I have 2 measures in my metric set .e.g. one is revenue in usd and one is revenue in pound. now I have static toggle or radio button so if I use USD, revenue in USD should be visible in chart and if I use Pound, revenue in the pound should be visible. How can I acheive this?


You can create two separate charts/visualizations for two different measures and place them on top on one another, one hidden and another shown. then on toggle button, you can add Show/Hide Interactions to show or hide between the charts. This will not require any scripting.

Or you can have one chart with both the measures added as separate series and then show or hide the series by adding a script. This example will be helpful: Show or Hide Chart Series

Upasana, thanks for the response. but we have many charts and metric sets , in this case we have to create double metric sets with same kind of details and have to make changes at those places when some changes are there. which is not the optimal solution.

The second solution does not require you to create two metric sets. It is one chart with two measures as two series - you just show and hide the series on button click. I mentioned both incase you don’t want to use script.