Cascading filter connect parameters to different graphs


I’m using a cascading filter in order to filter by year-month.
I want some of my graphs not to be affected by the month parameter but only by the year. Can this be achieved with a cascading filter?

Or alternatively, is it possible to have two filters connected to achieve the same effect as the cascading filter where the data of 1 filter (month) is dependent on another filter (year)?

For the Cascading Filters, by default, any visualizations affected by this filter will only update when a value is chosen in the last dropdown. Enabling the “Set Value On Any Filter Change” option in the properties will cause the visualizations to update whenever any of the dropdowns change. The Cascading filters are generally connected to a hierarchy, so when any of the levels are set, those values will be visualized on all connected visualizations.

From more information on Cascading filters, you would be able to find a resource here:

To achieve a similar effect as the cascading filters, you could set up multiple filters.

  • The first could be a value filter that can be formatted to only show the first level (Year). This would be done within the properties tab, under the options header you can set the last visible, last selectable levels to only show and select the desired level.
  • Similarly, you would make a second filter with another level (Month), remember to only associate this filter with the visualizations that you want to be connected with this filter. Then you may select the desired visible and selectable levels as desired.
  • While selecting the first filter created, navigate to the top toolbar and select “Connect Filters”, on the top of that pop-up there is a icon depicting “Dependent Filters,” select the icon, and then connect the second filter as dependent on the first.

For more information how to connect filters, you could reference this resource:

Let me know if this helps achieve your intended vision.


Thanks Matthew,

That works perfectly!