Building a cube with duplicate cubes

Hey, all. Probably a long shot, but thought I’d run it past you. In our environment, we do a nightly data cube build/rebuild. These cubes are our Oracle db tables. When we want to create a dataset with joins, we use these cubes and join them to make new cubes which are then the basis for metric sets, etc. Well, today I ran into a problem with a cube I’m trying to make. In one cube/table I have VENDOR_ID and SECOND_VENDOR_ID. This is supposed to join to another reference cube that has the vendor names in it. I joined it up to VENDOR_ID no problem, but when I went to add the cube again to join to SECOND_VENDOR_ID, Dundas tells me the cube already exists and that I can’t add it a second time.

Is there any way around this? If not, I’m guessing I’ll just have to add an overnight cube build which is just basically a copy of the first cube with a different name.

Appreciate any suggestions!

Hi Ryan,

There’s an existing request for this as you aren’t the only one hoping for this. I’ve added you to the ticket to give it more visibility. (#ref72057)

If you want to do something like this today without the overhead of duplicating your cube, you can always create a manual join using SQL which might be a better option for now. You could also go the View route and pre-prepare this specific data set in your database.

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Thanks, Jeff! Appreciate that! I’ll give the manual join a try.

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