Broken PDF on notification

Hello everybody,

i have an issue in sending attached pdf on notification.
The goal is to send daily report to customers at 9.00 am. Those report drive the daily activity and is massive (>100 pages).
I correctly set notification and SMTP server (tested the email config) but the attached pdf is truncated at page 3, and i didn’t find a proper way to avoid that problem.
Actually i’m extracting manually (manual extraction work properly and the report is exported perfectly) and send it, but i’m sure there is a better (smarter for sure) way to do that.

Thank you very much for help !!!

In order to be able to identify and resolve the issue, please assist with the following.

  • Can you check the application logs for errors? Please see article ( application logs ) for details.

Please also see article ( troubleshooting export providers ) for details. Does the issue still persists after applying the suggestion in the articles?

  • Can you run a health check and apply any fixes, then try again? Please see article ( health check ) for details.
  • Can you recycle the app pool, then try again? Please see article ( how to recycle the application pool ) for details.
  • Do you have any export script running?

I await your feedback.

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Hello and thanks for answer,

BTW, i’ve tried all the suggestion and still no luck about it.
The notification didn’t create a line in the log file.
I’ve tried the solution in all the articles and as the same time the health check.
Same music about application pool.
And no, no scripts are actually running (is a super fresh installation for a new customers, so not a lot of work is already done on it).

In order to investigate this further, you would need to provide an export of your project and sample data. Please see article below on how to export a project.

I strongly suggest contacting Dundas support ( with these details.

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I had a similar problem in the past and I solved it adding the
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength="maxvalue" /> to the web.config of the DBI application.

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I had a similar issue with running a large report which I resolved in the way that Luis has suggested. The issue is the runtime maxRequestLength on your server is too small (typicaly 4ish mb by default). So you might find the files being produced are 4 mb or less in size. You can resolve this by making the maxRequestLength larger via the servers IIS Manger> Application>httpRuntime>maxRequestlength settings, Hope this helps!

I’ve tried this solution without any luck.
BTW, what i’ve found is that the report is different when exported and when send by email.
The email version miss of some img and page number, that export has.

I’ve tried to investigate more by looking at pdf, and both have EOF, but have many difference.