Average Time in a month


I would like to know is that possible to get average time in Dundas?
Because I can’t drag the column with time data in to the measure.

I would like to measure our call center performance with a set of daily call record data.
But, I am having problem when I want to get average time of handling a call for a period of month/quarter.
Data example as below:


How can I calculate overall Average Handle Time in a month?


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Personally I would handle this in the SQL Query that supplies the data cube.
Why do I do this, because then the calculation is already there for you and Dundas just has to display it and not calculate it, Also all the individual times to calculate the average do not need to be loaded into Dundas just the average time.

Yes there is a way to do it in Dundas, here is a starting link https://www.dundas.com/support/learning/documentation/cleanse-consolidate-modify-data/transforms/common/calculated-element I am sure you can find lots more by searching the support site, or some one will get a more specific link for you.

Thanks James Davis. But, the data provided is in excel file not from SQL database.
Is that possible?


There are functions in Excel that will do the same kind of averaging.

plenty of other sites out there to show how to do what you are wanting as well.