Auto-update CSV Data Cube

I need to create Dashboards using data which can only be downloaded manually as a CSV. Now, i can create Data CUbes using the CSV file and create the dashboards.

But, I need to update the dashboards each quarter by downloading the latest CSV from the source.

I there a way that Dundas can pick the downloaded CSV from a fixed location every month and auto-update the Data Cube?

If that’s not possible, can I just drop the latest downloaded CSV onto the datacube and the Cube updates itself?

Hi, to answer your two questions simply, yes.

However, the recommended solution here would be to use use the UNC Path option to specify the full network path to the file (e.g. \server1\shared\stockdata.csv ). However, changes to the original file will affect the Data Cube once the data connector gets refreshed.


Or, you can use the Choose File option and manually edit the Data Connector with this option, re-uploading the updated file and open the Data Connector and Right-Click the Select Transform and select Refresh.