Authorization Bearer <sessionId> not functioning


Building an integration for the REST API in .NET 6.

When passing a valid sessionId via the query string, calls succeed as expected. However when passing with the sessionId stored as the Authorization header with value "Bearer ",

e.g. “Bearer 602a93d1-c39c-462d-b128-1fa975b9ce77”

I receive an error from the API as follows:

“Message”:“An error has occurred.”,“ExceptionMessage”:“The caller is not associated with a valid session.”,“ExceptionType”:“Dundas.BI.InvalidSessionException”,“StackTrace”:" at Dundas.BI.Engine.get_Session()\r\n at ᘴᒽᗒᐁᕿᐪᘯᓟᕆᒏ.GetAccount(String name)\r\n at Dundas.BI.WebApi.Controllers.AccountController.GetAccountByName(String name, Nullable`1 sessionId)"

This is just an inconvenience but is making my code messier to look at. SHOULD this work?

Dundas version


Using session ID as authorization bearer token starts from V10. You cannot do it for a V9 instance. The documentation is a bit misleading - will make sure it specifies this.

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Ah - that makes sense then :slight_smile:

Version API docs would be great as I just came up against a missing endpoint altogether.

There is one, here:

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