Active Directory Sync


If we have the active directory synced is there a way that it will automatically populate all active directory groups or does it require us to go into the Dundas admin, and add a windows group for each active directory group?

Thank you

Active directory groups need to be manually added to Dundas BI as Windows Group Accounts - they are not automatically created. This is because you may not want to give access to all your AD users/groups by default.

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Thanks Rob,

That makes sense.

We are trying to limit users content based on clinic location. I was thinking of setting up a custom attribute (Location) and applying it to the different AD groups. Sometimes staff move back and forth between a few clinics. Let’s say a staff member belongs to location AD Group A and location AD Group B. Will I be able to apply the custom attribute to both groups and the staff member see data for both location A and location B?

Or is there a better way to apply a security hierarchy so that staff only see data for the clinic locations they are assigned to in the AD?

I believe that should work, and is the correct approach. If you run into trouble, post back here or contact Dundas Support who will be able to help you out.