A table that allows client data input

(Jack Morris) #1


For context we collect data on behalf of a client that needs differing percentage splits applied to different data categories. This is used to account for waste data at colleges in the UK, showing data generated in residential parts of the college vs non residential.

Is there a way I can create a table that shows total waste weight for each college and allows the client to apply both a residential and non-residential percentage to it?

Darwin College Total 100 tonnes

Non res (60%) 60 tonnes

Res (40%) 40 tonnes

Keynes College Total 50 tonnes

Non res (50%) 25 tonnes

Res (50%) 25 tonnes

I'd like the client to be able to tweak the percentage split each year to represent how the college building was used in that year within their dashboard.



(Ariel Pohoryles) #2

If you need to collect the historical values (meaning the values the client entered every year) then you should probably use a table that is powered by the data input functionality. Then the client could enter the values either via dedicated controls and a data input interaction or by editing the dashboard and accessing the data preview panel.

If there is no need for history and the client should just enter the current values then you can use a contextual measure assuming the client has a power user seat. If not then the data input option will work here as well.

Both options are also demonstrated under the following webinar

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Hi Ariel, Thanks for your response. Fingers crossed you won't hear from me again!