[149] Background Tip

Background Tip

If you’re designing a dashboard using a dark background, you might have noticed that while it’s possible to change the background of the dashboard itself, it’s still always hosted on a white surface area. There are currently no properties in Dundas BI to allow you to change the color of the surface area, but it is possible to change with a simple script.

With a dark background, you might want to have a background color the same or matching your dashboard background for consistency rather than a contrasting white color.




Just add a CSS override like this to your Ready event and reload the page.
$( “#dashboardSurface” ).css( “background-color”, “#0C1E3D” );

Note: You must reload the page as code in the Ready event will not be executed by simply switching to View mode


Great tip, this is just what I was looking for. Thanks!

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I’m new to Dundas so I apologize if this is a simple question, Is there a way to perform this override on version 6?

@gabriel.molina Hi, yes the css override works in v6, just put it in ready event of the dashboard. One note, make sure you type in the double quotes properly, copy/paste sometimes might alternate the quote character which can give script build error.

@jay.gong Awesome, thank you.